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Company Profile

At MarketDawg, our focus is on consulting services and software development to assist your company in realizing full potential on the internet.  Employing the very latest in C# programming through Visual Studio .NET, our team will build the best tools possible for your unique internet marketing needs.

But excellent programming isn't worth a "hoot in a holler" if it doesn't begin with outstanding business processes - the familiar Plan, Design, Implement, and Operate. MarketDawg will help you to go through your business from stem to stern, to better discern what your are doing, why you are doing it, and how it can best be done.

There's an old Southern saying that goes "You can either hunt with the big dogs or stay on the porch". In today's world the big dogs can be formidable, considering the likes of nanotechnology, biomedical, and software programming advances, to name a few.

Give us the opportunity to help YOU hunt effectively TODAY!!


Contact Information

Howdy. and welcome to MarketDawg!! Here we offer you the opportunity to learn more about us.

So... for starters.... what the heck is a MarketDawg?  Well, it's a southwestern (Texas to be specific) pronunciation of a very important concept.  In today's dog-eat-dog world, you either eat, sleep, and think like the BIG dogs, or your company gets eaten by them.  A market dawg is one who has the saavy to run with the biguns while maintaining the quick reflexes of the littleun.  Kinda like those little bitty, pesky mammals who eventually kicked T Rex's rear end.

Interested?  Read on to find out about some rather unique concepts.

PS - Why the San Francisco skyline?  Therein lies another tale of the MarketDawg.

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(415) 276-6051
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